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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2008

the burden of skin disease in south african mines
petra kruger, hilary carman, braimoh bello, l
burden of injury at a beverage manufacturing company
laran chetty, jennifer jelsma, soraya maart
substance abuse in the workplace
volker schillack, murray coombs,
the geo-epidemiology of hepatocellular and oesophageal carcinomas in southern africa using
neil d. mcglashan, john s. harington
radiation: friend and foe
d. emby
the critical evaluation of medical literature on diagnostic tests part 3
dr melissa yssel
occupational heat exposure part 1: the physiological consequences of heat exposure in the occupa
darren joubert and graham bates
occupational heat exposure part 2: the measurement of heat exposure (stress and strain) in t
darren joubert and graham bates
dermal exposure sampling methods: an overview
jl du plessis, fc eloff, cj badenhorst, r boo
occupational skin disease: a review of international and south african literature and data
dr hilary carman and dr petra kruger
the critical evaluation of medical literature on diagnostic tests part 2
dr melissa yssel
hydrogen sulphide gas poisoning aboard a fishing trawler: a report of four fishermen
chris kenyon, paul willcox and mohamed f jeeb
creating value in hazardous chemical substances, medical surveillance and biomonitoring through comp
murray coombs, volker schillack
work-related asthma: current concepts and management approaches to various phenotypes
tanusha s singh
professional portfolio development
s. kruger
the critical evaluation of medical literature on diagnostic tests
dr melissa yssel
effect of a worksite wellness programme on the physical work capacity profile of workers in an elect
jph lubbe, ddj malan, cj wilders and sm ellis
management and control of agri-chemical pesticides: any progress?
asm tattersall, m clarke, s marais
a case of silicosis and progressive massive fibrosis with uncertain occupational exposure to silica
sizwe gazi, david rees, spo kgalamono and jil
pneumoconioses in south african coalmines - myth or reality?
rajen n. naidoo
the role of biological monitoring as a supplement to environmental monitoring
volker schillack, dr w.m. coombs
cannabis tests and antiretroviral drugs - caution
ann queripel
feasibility of screening distortion product otoacoustic emissions to monitor cochlear functioning in
anita edwards, motselisi taela