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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2010

nanomaterials in south africa and occupational health
mary gulumian, xolani masoka, kai savolainen
human disease due to exposure to nanoparticles
james ian phillips, jill murray, jca davies
an introduction to the toxicology of endocrine disruptors
dr murray coombs, volker schillack
the occupational skin disease clinic at the nioh, nhls: five years' experience
a fourie, ha carman
immunologic consequences of toxins within an occupational environment - skin and lung sensitisation
dr murray coombs, volker schillack
biological agents causing occupational airborne contact dermatitis
tanusha soogreem singh
patch testing in occupational allergic contact dermatitis
ncoza dlova, goh chee leok
effect of a work-based physiotherapy and ergonomics programme on work-related upper-extremity muscu
k mostert-wentzel, sh grobler, r moore, n ferreira, m lumley, k burelli
early identification of noise-induced hearing loss: a pilot study on the use of distortion product o
anita edwards, pieter van coller, cas badenho
immunologic consequences of exposures at the workplace
dr murray coombs, volker schillack
health effects associated with exposure to hazardous biological agents and their constituents in pou
onnicah dikeledi matuka, tanusha soogreem singh
comparison of south african skin and sensitisation notations with those of other countries
jl du plessis, pj laubscher, mn van aarde, a franken
chemicals and detoxification
dr murray coombs, volker schillack
claims experience of former gold miners with silicosis - a clinic series
lerato maiphetlho, rodney ehrlich
sampling of airborne particles: playing the numbers game?
jr johnston, r ferrie
a study of employee reported factors influencing wellness in a south african international call cent
heinrich brand and cecile gauche
the establishment of nanotoxicology and risk assessment of nanomaterials as a priority strategic thr
mary gulumian and barry kistnasamy
work-related fatalities in the south african construction industry: 2004 to 2006
d vekinis, d kielkowski, k wilson, b bello, d rees
low level exposure to nine volatile chemicals in research and testing laboratories at a south africa
anja franken, johan l du plessis, fritz c eloff, petrus j laubscher, m nico van aarde
a preliminary investigation of the effects of exposure to multiple health stressors using the physio
al edwards, rm franz, pc schutte, t grove'
medical surveillance and biological monitoring: the dynamic of chemical/drug absorption, distributio
volker schillack, dr murray coombs