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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2012

biological and chemical risk ­factors associated with occupational allergies and infectious diseas
ts singh, e ratshikhopha, z kirsten, a fourie, o matuka, d bartie, p dayal
potential occupational health ­challenges in the traditional ­medicine practice
ra street, m ngcobo, m mbatha, n gqaleni
health surveillance report (biological monitoring and biological effect ­monitoring –
dr murray coombs
prevalence and degree of noise-induced hearing loss in south ­african gold miners
strauss s, swanepoel dw, becker p, eloff z, hall jw iii
occupational health and safety challenges...south african gold & platinum mines (revised v
zungu, li
'fitness for work' - an eclectic perspective of its application in the south african mining indu
johan kielblock
introduction of a blended teaching strategy in an occupational health nursing education programme
penny orton
urinary trans,trans-muconic acid in workers with or without ­occupational benzene exposure
sangaré-tigori, béatrice; polneau-vallée, sandrine; akindes-sezan, gisèle; kouadio, luc
construction practitioners’ ­awareness of occupational ­diseases in the botswana ...
mwanaumo e and thwala wd
health and safety representatives' perceptions and experiences in an academic hospital...
willem h kruger
needlestick injuries among nurses in a regional hospital in south africa
willem h kruger, s oluwatosi jimoh, gina joubert
does abet contribute to ohs in mining?
gwyneth tuchten, mokubung nkomo
worker exposure to silica dust in south african non-mining ­industries in gauteng: an exploratory s
norman n khoza, tanya grové, petrus c schutte
lead (pb): cheap metal – costly to health status
volker schillack, dr murray coombs
seasonal absenteeism among full-time employees at a poultry abattoir
willem h kruger, andre s nell, gina joubert
occupational disease rates in south african miners at autopsy: surveillance report 2010
ntombizodwa ndlovu, tony davies, simon milne, gill nelson, jill murray
physiotherapists’ and occupational therapists’ perceived barriers and enablers of return to work
ntsiea, mv
chromium (iii & vi) toxicity
volker schillack, dr murray coombs
a comparison of the effect of two intervention regimes on coronary prone executives in the south ­
grace jm, wilders cj, strydom gl, ellis sm