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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2013

dna damage and repair ­capacity in hairdressers exposed to ­chemical products: a pilot study
fc eloff, r preston, pj pretorius, jl du plessis, pj laubscher, mn van aarde, fh van der westhuizen,
a south african database of ­samples analysed for the presence of asbestos
sj milne, e garton, g nelson, j murray, jca davies, ji phillips
health surveillance part 2
dr murray coombs
occupational ­exposure to blood and body fluids in medical ­students
ej cheevers and a ross
ethical guidelines for occupational health professionals: an africa working group perspective
l london, g tangwa, r matchaba-hove, n mkhize, r nwabueze, a nyika, p westerholm
job strain in the south african mining industry
jl hodgskiss and al edwards
the management of latent tuberculosis infection in health care workers at hospitals in vhembe distri
tg tshitangano
health surveillance part 1
dr murray coombs
trunk strength profiles of rubber tyred gantry crane drivers
ed watson
adherence to hiv treatment in cote d'ivoire: an analysis using combined statistical tools
s polneau, y keho, a tanon, m ouiminga, sp eholié
symptoms of ill health associated with electromagnetic field ­exposure in the welding industry
sf raphela, c weyers, k shale
health and safety representatives in an academic hospital - their ­perceived functions and training
wh kruger
reconstruction of percentage loss of hearing
jp bronkhorst and de w schutte
tb reviews in the platinum sector
thuthula balfour-kaipa
work-related infections – part 1: risks of exposure to ­infectious agents in the workplace
tanusha soogreem singh, omnicah matuka
occupational asthma: state-of-the-art review
paul james nicholson
prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in the south african ­mining industry and outcomes of
zungu, li
dermal exposure and changes in skin barrier function of base metal refinery workers co-exposed to co
jl du plessis, fc eloff, s engelbrecht, pj laubscher, mn van aarde, a franken
assessment of occupational ­exposure to electromagnetic fields in the welding industry
sf raphela, c weyers, k shale
musculoskeletal disorders among nurses in high acuity areas in a ­tertiary hospital in south africa
s madiba, me hoque, r rakgase
contraceptive knowledge and ­practices among pregnant ­females in lower umfolozi district war ­me
c igboamalu, i govender