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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2018

evaluation of compliance with ventilation guidelines for airborne infectious disease control in emergency centres in cape town, south africa
c groenewald, j meintjes, bm morrow
evaluation of passive hearing-protection device selection outcomes at a chemical manufacturing company
o rikhotso, jl harmse, jc engelbrecht
awareness of health and safety responsibilities among contract cleaning workers
wf mudenha, m chadyiwa, n naicker
risk factors for non-communicable diseases in the workforce at a commercial power plant in south africa
d schouw, r mash, t kolbe-alexander
environmental exposure to asbestos fibres before and after removing asbestos cement roofs from two townships in gauteng
ge mizan, ji phillips, t nthoke
exploring the south african legacy of asbestos using routinely collected data
t vorster, n kgokong, ji phillips
efficacy assessment of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (uvgi) devices for inactivating airborne mycobacterium tuberculosis
t singh, z ngcobo, o kgasha, w leuschner, o matuka, t van reenen, p de jager
occupational cardiovascular disease risk profile and physical activity categories of university cleaners
n rugbeer, te pila
hazardous waste management solutions in south africa – still a challenge
ke jansen, dj kocks, h roberts
work-related musculoskeletal disorders and predisposing factors among commercial motorcyclists in ibadan north local government area, nigeria
ao jaiyesinmi, oj areoye, om olagbegi, so bolarinde, em uduonu
sick leave and work absence part 2: returning to work after prolonged sickness absence: a psychiatrist’s perspective
c grobler
occupational health litigation and the development of occupational hygiene slavery – part 2b: gold, silver and the atlantic slave trade (new spain continued)
dw stanton
digital radiological surveillance of silicosis and related tuberculosis in the south african mining industry: practical and technical considerations
r ehrlich, a franzblau, c meyer, jm tewaternaude
musculoskeletal pain among school teachers: are we underestimating its impact?
ls eggers, jd pillay, n govender
a method for reading plain chest x-rays
jm tewaternaude
coming clean about substance use disorder
mj sennett freedman
low back pain resulting in temporary incapacity leave among south african nurses in the public healt
ipa olivier, wh kruger, a de la querra, g joubert