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2022年世界杯预赛结果 – 2023

allergic contact hand dermatitis due to constituents of nitrile gloves
a fourie, ha carman, n ndaba, d rees
hiv in the eastern cape province of south africa threatens farm employment and food security
nl mhlanga, ln mntonintshi-mketo, tr netangaheni
health and safety incidents at a south african power utility in the eastern cape province of south africa
n qwemeshe, n malebo, k lebelo
comparison of illuminance meters in measuring light emitted from incandescent, compact fluorescent, and led lamps
ci holleran, cj van der merwe, jl du plessis
wind-driven roof turbines’ effectiveness in enhancing household ventilation: a potential tool to reduce tuberculosis infection
e mutava, t singh, d brouwer
secondary trauma amongst administrative support staff working with traumatic incident dockets within the south african police service in johannesburg, south africa
mf manganyi, sv moodley, j shirinde
occupational malaria: lessons for occupational health practitioners
m ross, j frean
an evaluation of occupational health risk assessment methodologies from south african enterprises: noise risk assessment field study
o rikhotso, tj morodi, dm masekameni
hairdressers knowledge, attitudes, and practices in johannesburg regarding occupational health and safety
kv mphaga, pc rathebe, w utembe
respirable crystalline silica dust exposure and regulated occupational respiratory diseases in the zambian copper mining sector: a review and recommendations
m sifanu, kk kalebaila, p hayumbu, l nabiwa, sjl linde
effectiveness of retrofitted diesel particulate filters on diesel particulate emissions: a small-scale intervention study
l lebaka, a manyike-modau, d brouwer
occupational health and safety challenges among artisanal and small-scale diamond miners in kimberley, south africa
a rose, j allen-spies
work-related adult-onset atopic dermatitis: two illustrative case reports
h carman, a fourie