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international commission on occupational health
7th international conference on the history of occupational and environmental health
wednesday 15th to friday 17th november 2023, durban, south africa

abstracts for day 1 (16 november 2023)
between adulation and denunciation: the institutional benefits of ambivalence in the history of occupational medicine

workers' health and the union miniere du haut-katanga in the belgian congo

a history of agricultural health and safety

the colonial legacy of mercury toxicity: the story of thor and a tribute to mark colvin

advancing our understanding of migration, work, and health by exploring our historical roots in social medicine

guardians of workers' bodies? trade unions and occupational health and safety

silicotuberculosis - unstable in history and neglected in science

reconstructing the fragmented history of 'colinet-caplan syndrome'

ohs programmes nurtured from tailings of mines

the legacy of the manufacture and use of asbestos-cement in katanga (dr congo)

aluminium powder in south african mines

artificial stone silicosis as a new public issue: the spanish case

metal working fluids and bacteria

historical response to environmental disasters in the united states: a review of governmental intervention

south africa - occupational health in the non-mining industry: from 1976 to the post-covid era

the history of medichem and the icoh sc on chemical industry

a history of the mine medical professionals association

abstracts for day 2 (17 november 2023)
occupational lung diseases in mine workers in south africa

thomasslag pneumonia

importance of historical information for exposure assessment in the soft tissue paper industry

chalk particles: a systematic review

asbestos in brazil: the process of creating agendas, subjects and policies

the european greed for gold and silver, slavery, and the development of occupational health

jean rodier: a pioneer in occupational medicine in morocco

history of occupational health, challenges and way forward in tanzania

listening to the unremembered - chinese indentureship in south africa

decolonizing occupational health: informal workers and the struggle for occupational health

history of the braceros - migrant labourers in california, us

women and girls in mine labour: from italy to south africa

a hidden history - perspectives on the role of women in the history of occupational and environmental health and safety in africa in the past 60 years

working and breathing in global africa

poster presentations and discussion for day 2 (17 november 2023)
effect of mining-related air pollution on human health between 2000-2018: the case of zambia

history of disease exposure in school-aged children working in artisanal mines in north kivu in the democratic republic of congo

the history of electronic waste at agbogbloshie, accra, ghana

poster presentations and discussion for day 2 (17 november 2023)
anecdotes of medical philosophy 300 years ago from ramazzini

history of occupational contact dermatitis among paint workers

collaborative effort to build capacity for universities in the reduction of the occupational injuries and diseases among workers in tanzania

sasom: 1948 to date

history of occupational health and safety laws in ghana

history of occupational health in the philippines

the rise of the occupational hygiene profession in norway

the trade unions agenda and involvement in occupational and environmental health at workplaces, south africa

法国vs阿联酋盘口分析 - a brief history

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